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View Website is a hybrid between a social media platform and an online dating site. Founded in 2005 by The Meet Group, the free dating website allows users to freely interact with other users through chat, streams and discussion threads via browser and mobile.

Typical Dating Site –

MeetMe’s membership structure is diverse, meaning there are several potential matches no matter what age group you’re in. The only problem is that the website follows the social media platform structure, meaning that their minimum age requirement is 13, unlike the typical dating site with its 18 age requirement. This means that minors are present on a dating site that may not be safe for them.



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Phone Number: +(215) 862-1162
Address: 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope PA, 18938

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Absolutely nothing

I am not prefect for everyone, but absolutely nothing is pretty bad.

synoviom5a - December 3, 2019
Fraud artists

The staff appear completely unable to control the scammers and fraud artists. If Zero stars was an option; that’s the rating I would give.

szignum7w - November 29, 2019
Don't trust

Don’t trust There is something very wrong with this site!

gydwedduscd - November 1, 2019
Scam video chat!

When I use the webcam and start to chat. It was dark and I saw nothing in the cam. What does it mean? And it was still charging even though I was chatting,

aukinnst - November 1, 2019
Meetme now blocked my access

I am compelled to share my recent experience on meetme. Meetme now blocked my access because I sent messages to several women who did not respond to my initial message -asking if they were real. I gue…. More

deuhedrol1p - October 11, 2019

Banned for absolutely nothing,signed up posted a few photos replied to every message i got did and said nothing inappropriate next thing i knew i was banned,no reason no explanation and have tried wit…. More

delfinoat - July 27, 2019