How to Show Somebody You Love Them

If you’re trying to convince Somebody You Love Them that you love them. You must have really messed up or the object of your affection is not convinced or simply not attracted to you. Stop trying to prove it and simply show it; If the object of your affection shows an interest in you, let the natural progression of the relationship take place. You can read these five ideas and they could prove helpful. But nothing can substitute the natural attraction or affection that you have for another. That causes them to realize and know that you love and care for them. Let’s lay some groundwork first and understand some basics

  • Having sex has nothing to do with showing someone you love them.
  • Showering a person with gifts is not it either. but the receiver might get used to this and substitute it for love.
  • Love has no motives. It’s not something you say or do to get what you want.
  • Love will not impose.

Now that we’ve established some basics. Let’s fast forward to some ways that you can show someone you love them and then say it.

Show Patience.

Patience seems to be a thing of the past with many looking for love. You cannot rush a response from the object of your desire. If someone needs the time to sort out feelings, love will wait and graciously grant time and space with no limitations or demands attached. Loving someone is easy when you know and understand them.

Accept them for who they are.

When you love someone, changing them to conform to you, is not the way to show it. Focus on what attracted you to them, if the attraction was physical, you should ask yourself “what if they did not have this feature” Would I still love or want them? If your answer is no, maybe what your feeling is lust and not love. You cannot accept the object of your affection for which they are, re-examine your intentions.

How to Show Somebody You Love Them - 5 Ideas to Say I Love You
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If they need to vent, listen and don’t judge or criticize.

Everybody needs a listening ear from time to time. The cold cruel world can really weigh you down with stress and drama. The object of your affection should be able to freely talk and express what on their mind without being sharply criticized and judged. Remember we’re talking about showing that you love someone not proving it.

Sometimes you have to tell the object of your affection something they don’t want to hear, and love will find the right words to say.

It’s not about being right or wrong and it’s not about winning or losing. Love will find the right words to say without being harsh and condescending.

When you show your love to the object of your affection, expressing it verbally will be readily received as honest, sincere, and true, why? You have already demonstrated your love by your actions and your words match from what you’ve done all along. With that being said, rather than saying I love you, you show it, consistently and daily.

In my opinion, too many people get caught up in wanting to hear the words every day and the actions are inconsistent with the words I Like You. Say it with actions and you can always take a moment, look at your love (wait until you have their attention) pause for effect and say… “Wow, I Like You”.

Doing things outside of the norm will make the one you love feel special when it comes to saying I Like you. Like what?

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  1. Write it in a letter and send it marked “URGENT!” and mail it to her.
  2. If she likes stuffed teddy bears, leave one in a special place for her to find. Get a teddy bear that says “I Like You”, leave it in the car, in her closet, on the nightstand to see when she wakes up.
  3. You could show up at work with lunch, have the receptionist call her to the lobby, when your love comes out, you can say “I bought your favorite for lunch”. Inside can be a note that says: ” I was thinking about you, I just wanted to see your smile. I Love You”
  4. Call her on the phone and tell her!
  5. Use some technology, email her, text her, send her an “I Love You” video.

What are you waiting for, go show it, and then you can say it.

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