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He is available

A guy in love with me who doesn’t care about you won’t text and call you unless he needs you. A man in love will never get tired of being in contact with you, even if it means bombarding you with text messages and even calling you all the time. A man in love will come to meet you as soon as you have the slightest problem, he is available for you, regardless of the pressing situations on his side. Moreover, even to get bored together, it will be available for you!

He takes care of his appearance

To impress you and to make you appreciate him more, the man in love will take care of him; he will take care of his appearance. He may even go back to sport, change his hairstyle, style of dress or accessories…

No matter what change he adopts, you will see it and believe that he is doing it to please you. If you are currently facing this kind of man, do not offend him with bad remarks, on the contrary, flatter him!

He shows you that he is happy to be in your company

Even if men find it difficult to express how they feel, for a man in love, it will be easy to tell you and show you that being in your company is a delight for him.

Either he smiles, or he insists on seeing you as often as possible, or he says it anyway, he may really be in love with you. Besides, will you spend time with a man you don’t like? flirtwith

Is he in love with me?He listens to you and advises you

A man in love feels good about himself when the one he loves is doing well. So, if you have problems and you decide to talk to him about it, if he is in love with you, he will take the time to listen to you and advise you as best he can. His advice may not be what you expected, but the mere fact that he is advising you should delight you.

He makes concessions for you

He may like to spend time with his friends, with his loved ones or doing activities, alone in nature. However, the moment he gives up something he loves to be with you, to spend time with you, whether you ask or not, we can say that he is doing it out of love. So try to make life pleasant for him, because it’s never easy to make concessions.

He sees the future with you

Men and their fear of the future together is a common thing. However, if a man starts talking to you about the future and talks about various projects with you, it means that he has enough confidence in his feelings for you to embark on this path. In this case, listen to him and participate in the conversations to prove to him that you too are thinking in the direction of the future!

He can’t wait to introduce you to his loved ones… without being in a hurry

A man who is in love with you will take his time to introduce you to his loved ones. Indeed, he needs to know that they like you and that they will like you. At the same time, he really can’t wait for them to know you in order to determine a sign! So be ready for that day and be flattered when it happens, because he cares enough about you that his people appreciate you just as much.

He absolutely wants to impress your loved ones

Meeting the beautiful family for a man is a real obstacle course, some are even asked for it. However, a man in love will look forward to meeting your parents, siblings, and friends. He would like to impress them and reassure them that he is taking good care of you. Here, it’s up to you whether you want it to meet yours or not!

Your passions have become his

In order to be able to spend more time with you and in order to really know you, a man in love will learn to love your passions. So, if overnight your Jules accompanies you to your yoga session, it’s because he really wants to get to know you better and to love what you do in order to do it with you and not waste time.

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He changes his life drastically

A man does not radically change his life for fun, he does it for a cause he deems honorable and if he does it for you, so that you have a future together, then he is in love with you! Do not see this gesture as a kind of pressure, it is not. On the other hand, know that a man who leaves everything for you is really ready to give your love story a chance to work and last!

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