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Last week came out in theaters yet another Beautiful Love Story 100% celib comedy: Célibataire, mode deploy. The roles of lonely hearts in the cinema , we no longer count them. It has even almost become a genre in its own right, so much does their remarkable presence stir the public! Like a mirror of our little imperfections , the cinema puts forward characters who look like us, who live the same stories as us, and know the experience of dating inside out. Long live the singles!

The trash and nympho version: Single User manual

Feel good , funny and lively, this new New York comedy (in theaters since March 2, 2016) is in the vein of Sex & the City and stands out for the freshness of its actresses. We especially love the bubbly Rebel Wilson, this slightly plump blonde actress who bursts the screen with her valves, for our SharekAlomre greatest pleasure! When is a sequel?

The alpha male, eternal celib’: Beautiful Love Story

Hardened and proud of being single, Will is in his thirties who one day sees a young boy come into his life who comes to change his vision of the world. With the indescribable Hugh Grant in the main role, we see all the colors!

The retarded teenager: Beautiful Love Story

Warning, funny movie! Author of novels for teenagers, Marvis (Charlize Theron) returns to the places of his childhood, to win back his high school ex. For the better and for the laugh ! Note, a cult scene of freaking out during a family party. Memorable.

The iconic bachelor: Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones, sex goddess (sic!), queen of good resolutions, who likes to wear XXL panties and sing karaoke alone in her living room, returns to our screens at the end of 2016 for a final part of the trilogy: Bridget Jones Baby . We look forward !

Singles and Cinema: A Beautiful Love StoryGirly and celib’ power: Beautiful Love Story

On the occasion of a bachelor party, a group of friends get loose (cocaine, alcohol, strippers). The female version of Very Bad Trip , in a way…

A society that forbids celibacy: Colin Farrell in The Lobster

A completely crazy film, The Lobster shines with its futuristic and utopian scenario. The pitch? In an ideal (or not) society, single people are grouped together in a SharekAlomre.Com luxurious hotel in order to find love, on pain of being… changed into an animal! The most promising feature film on the theme of celibacy.

Single on a Road Trip: Beautiful Love Story

After having lived through difficult stories, three single friends decide to set out to conquer love. In this case, it is a question of finding the target of one of them who fled through the United States. Hilarious lines and memorable scenes make up the plot of this supercharged comedy with an overexcited Cameron Diaz.

The ULTRA romantic bachelor: Beautiful Love Story

Darker than most films about singles, Two Lovers is nonetheless a masterpiece. Cornelian drama in Manhattan between Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow, this enchantment is pure cinematic pleasure. Sad and beautiful at the same time.

The bachelor so 2016: Amy Schumer in Crazy Amy

She drinks, she sleeps, she swears: it’s Crazy Amy , the most blundering of bachelors. Beyond the film, it is the birth of a high-flying actress that we discover through this film: the very uninhibited Amy Schumer, whom we risk seeing everywhere now.

The single most #Loveyourimperfections: Marina Fois

Missing all her dishes in the kitchen, singing in the shower, planning a batch of condoms before a date : this is Marina Foïs’ daily life in J’me Sens Pas Belle . Let anyone who has never experienced similar situations raise their hands!

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Bonus Marina Fois – Beautiful Love Story

– “ You promised us to stop using hydrogen peroxide. »
– « What do I do with my overflow of love, I don’t have a cat anymore, I’m all alone. »
– « The more I know the men, the more I like my dog .

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